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Here is a list of resources we think might be of use to the trans community. Got a suggestion for something we should add? Email us at, or shout at us in Discord.

Letter templates for your GP

Self-injection safety


We encourage people who want to start T to do research on whether injections or gel is the best option for you and your lifestyle because both come with drawbacks and benefits depending on what you want.

In order to prevent T gel from transfer you should wait 4 hours before contact or cover the area that you’ve applied the gel once the gel has dried. Alternatively you can wash the area at least 2 hours after applying the gel. You can find some more information in the patient leaflets, here are 2 of the most commonly prescribed in the UK:

In terms of Testosterone helping with certain medical conditions there isn’t a whole lot of research but there is some to suggest that Testosterone therapy, specifically the gel can help with fibromyalgia. However, this study only looks at cis female patients with a lower than average serum level of testosterone and bringing it up to more average or higher cis female expected ranges. So it was in much lower doses than those taken by trans people.

Treatment of pain in fibromyalgia patients with testosterone gel: Pharmacokinetics and clinical response

There is also some evidence to suggest that Testosterone therapy used in transgender patients seems to reduce symptoms of POTS in a series of case studies, it is important to note that the patients in this study also had evidence of other disorders including EDS and joint hypermobility. However, as ever, correlation does not equal causation and as POTS is a neurocardiogenic disorder, there are likely to be a number of influencing factors.

Clinical Course of Transgender Adolescents with Complicated Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome Undergoing Hormonal Therapy in Gender Transition: A Case Series

DIY T is a good resource for DIY T.

However, DIY T isn’t really something I recommend, it’s a pain on multiple fronts. I recommend private clinics over DIY cos safer medically and legally. Also while the upfront cost with private clinics is more, the long term cost is cheaper, especially if you convince your GP to do blood tests or shared care.
Ryan-Hardt (in Discord)

Lower surgeries

Staying with the WGS whilst in a different country

iCloud note

Assorted other papers

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